Established in its present form in 1998, Cazenove Architects is an award winning team of architects and designers based in East London. Cazenove is built on a culture of ideas, and creativity. We are open to new ideas at all times exploring the possibilities of our ever changing built environment. We develop highly tailored solutions for our clients at every stage, and we add value.

Cazenove works on projects in education, community and urban regeneration as well as housing and the core aim of the practice is the celebration of sustainable building environments through the perception and experience of building users. Cazenove’s buildings challenge the disintegration and isolation of the urban landscape by creating sustainable, vibrant and embracing community landmarks.

Cazenove has built upon this experience, and now in our third decade, we continue to offer clients a highly individual design consultancy service where every project is considered as a new possibility to provide fantastic and unique design solutions that are intimately tailored to our client’s aspirations.


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