Goose Green

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Phased projects from £40,000 - £700,000

Completion: September 2010 and ongoing

Southwark Council has commissioned Cazenove Architects to develop a feasibility study for Goose Green Primary School. The school is housed in a Grade II listed building in East Dulwich. The school was built in 1901 by the architect T.J. Bailey, who was one of the major architects for the Victorian London Board Schools.

The four storey building shares some of the problems present in most Victorian board schools: high proportion of circulation space, no common entrance due to the originally strict segregation of genders and no direct access from the classrooms to the external play areas.

The school's need for a school kitchen was the key element of the brief. Space was allocated in the administration area. Subsequently, a new entrance extension was proposed to house the school's administration and to provide a clear and representative entrance and reception area for the school.

In a first phase, one of the 4 school halls was converted in to two classrooms to include year-6, which was formerly housed in a remote annexe building.

In the second phase, the school kitchen will be created and a single storey entrance extension will be built.

At the same time, Cazenove Architects were commissioned by Goose Green Primary school to create direct access from the reception classroom to the external play area.

A timber deck area provides opportunities for play and seating as well as DDA compliant access to the playground. Two window openings were converted into large double doors which can be fully opened to create free flow. The children are lead from the classroom base through an inspirational and dynamic space into the external play area.