Clockwork Pharmacy

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Client Developer: The Clockwork Group

Contract Value: £3,100,000

Completion: 2017


Clockwork Lane and Central Hackney

Our housing development for the Pharmacy is currently on site.  The project provides nine units of housing for rent above a mixed-use scheme comprising a health centre, a café and small shop fronts, all situated on the ground floor.   The development is one part of a series of projects and interventions that Cazenove is involved with in Hackney Central, ranging from a fuller proposal for a housing development, public realm improvements, a café heritage centre, and a series of public engagement projects involving the local community.

The Clockwork Lane project is named after Cazenove’s partnership with local business in the development of their site.  Working with the local authority and Town Centre initiative, the church authorities and other local businesses Cazenove identified the opportunity to re-open an ancient pathway between the medieval high street of central Hackney (the Narrow Way) and the churchyard Gardens to the East. The pedestrian route way is clearly indicated on historic maps but had become enclosed as a series of back-land yards. Using the template and prototype of Cazenove’s Development in the nearby Clarence Mews, we designed a town centre intervention knitting into the existing historic fabric and creating a new public realm.


The mixed development for the Pharmacy is currently under construction. Last year it was recognised in the New London Architecture awards as a highly recommended project.

The project is a high-density proposal on a tight site.  It addresses sensitive issues in the heritage and ecology of the immediate surroundings. It has been recognised by client and planning authority alike that the proposals enhance the area and make the  best living and commercial accommodation possible  on an awkwardly shaped and constrained site.

Key Design Elements

- Opening of a pedestrian link between the Narrow way and the Churchyard Gardens

- A strong gable end facing a new pedestrian square reinforcing a new public realm.

- The pedestrian linkage will have clear vistas to and from the Churchyard Gardens. The Health Centre, Café and commercial units will ensure pedestrian footfall and activity to maintain safety.

- Each Maisonette to the north block has its own front door to the street.

- Each housing unit has access to views and external space on each side.  No single aspect units.

Related Projects

Cazenove is working on several small projects in and around Hackney Central, which informs and enhances the Clockwork Lanes development.

- A series of Mews houses to the rear of the shop units facing the Narrow Way

- A café Kiosk and heritage centre in the churchyard gardens. This project arises from a partnership between the Church, Local Authority, the National Trust and Hackney Museum and local Café operator, instigated by Cazenove Architects.   It will serve the community and celebrate the heritage of the area.

- Public realm improvements to the Narrow Way engagement through the Hackney Draw.

- Public engagement events in the Narrow Way Central Hackney, including an event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of balloon flights from the mermaid Pleasure Gardens